Magic the Gathering: Alters

What is it?

Magic the Gathering is a collectible trading card game where you play against opponents using cards that have things such as monsters, spells, and artifacts.

I started playing probably back in 1994 during summer camp. I recently decided to get back into it and picked up some new cards. While playing at a local card shop, I saw some cards that had custom art that was painted directly onto the cards. I decided to give it a shot myself and bought some acrylic paint and brushes.

If you want to see more examples, check out and try searching youtube for mtg altering tutorials.

My Alters

(In order of creation)

My first commission: a player hired me to paint his favorite character from League of Legends onto his card:

Let me know if you would be interested in having a commission done. Pricing:

Altered art by David Fromberg, 2013.
Magic the Gathering is copyright and trademark of Wizards of the Coast. League of Legends is copyright and trademark of Riot Studios.